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tie purse

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Whenever I’m in a charity shop, I always have a rummage through the selection of old ties. Having acquired a few of the things, I figured I should probably start turning them into stuff.


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t-shirt rug

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I found a great idea for using up old t-shirts in a book called ‘Making Stuff: An Alternative Craft book’ – knit them into a bathroom rug. Yeah, I was a bit confused about how I could knit a t-shirt, but once you start doing it, it’s really simple.

Essentially you get a lot of old t-shirts and cut them into long strips, ie, by cutting round and round the t-shirt. You also need giant knitting needles. The book said 15 mm plastic ones, which is what I used. You cast on 30 stitches and away you go.

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wedding heart card

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Inspired by the two G/Jems, I decided to investigate the exciting world of fabrics and book pages on cards. I have received some amazing cards from both Gemma at GeeWHIZZoriginals and Jemma at Miss Jemma Elf utilising these very things, and eager to beaver away with all things craft, gave it a go myself.

Two pieces of fabric, a book page, a button, some pinking shear action and voila! It’s all cut rather roughly, as I prefer a more haphazard and laidback approach.

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junk food earrings

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For those of us not inclined to visit the purveyors of cheap meat and chips, here are some unhealthy earrings to ensure that we too can get a dirty little fix of junk food.

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