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fabric flowers

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I had a day where I thought ‘I really need to make fabric flowers’, you know, like you do. Anyways, I found my box of fabric scraps and started messing around with gathering bits of materials and sewing them together.

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book page wedding cards

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I made two wedding acceptance cards for friends Jemma (The Embellished Elf) and Ross, and Clare and Neil using book pages again.

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glass decanter vases

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An idea I had for my wedding was using glass decanters to display flowers. They are really cheap to pick up (about £1 from your local charity shop) and you can decorate them too if you like.

I used strings of pearls (also harvested from the charity shops), ribbons, buttons and brooches to decorate mine.

Firstly, I looped the necklaces round the decanter and put brooches on the plain ones. Next, I thread a pearly button onto two ribbons and tied them together in a bow, as below.

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handtied wedding posies

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A desire to save money and a failure to source anything suitable led me to do the flowers for my wedding. I had a look online at simple wedding posies as I didn’t want anything too specific. My intention was to use leftover flowers from the bunches I had used to decorate the hall.

I started off with a couple of trial ones 10 days before the wedding.

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wedding madness

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After consulting several books, buying endless rubbish magazines, reading blogs and receiving unwelcome advice, I decided that we should do things our own way.

The idea then was to save money and try to make things ourselves/with the assistance of friends.

We began with an empty village hall, which pretty much looked lovely as it was. We decided that any decor we put in should not overshadow the hall (no giant flower displays, balloons etc).

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