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of pearls and cardigans

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Plain cardigans can serve a purpose, I’ll admit, but isn’t it much more fun to jazz them up a bit?

In the spirit of lazy customising, I bought a box of pearl beads and proceeded to sew a few on to the front of a green cardigan I had bought from a high street shop. As a beginner, I couldn’t think of any fancy patterns, so haphazardly put them wherever I fancied. Hurrah for laissez faire sewing! Read the rest of this entry


pearly clouds and fabric hearts

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A spare room can be a deadly thing to the aesthetic of a house. Especially when it’s not really anything other than ‘spare’, ie, ‘themeless’.

For instance, some may have a spare room as a study, a gym or even second bedroom (novel, I know).

Unfortunately, our spare room is a collection of various different attempts to stop it being a spare room. First it was just the ‘junk room’, followed by an ill-fated attempt to make it into a ‘games room’. Then there was also the ‘music room’ idea. Next I attempted to commandeer it as a ‘craft room’.  Finally, in a pitiful sense of irony, it returned to its original status as ‘junk room’.

But what does this have to do with craft?  Well, during the heady days of the ‘craft room’ phase, I started keeping all my old clothes rather than junking them to charity shops in an effort to pretend that I was going to mash them all up into some eclectic new fashion. Read the rest of this entry

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