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eye mask craft disaster

I’m taking a break from endless studying to bring you this slice of craft failure, in the form of my valiant attempt to make an eye mask. Seemed like one of those things that should be so simple…

In one of the many assorted boxes in my craft-spare-junk room, I found some of those removable pad things that go inside bras to make them padded or push-up or whatever. In any case, they were a sort of eye shape, so I thought ‘ooo, wonder if they would make a good eye mask?’. The answer, I now know, is ‘no’. However, this wouldn’t be a blog post if I didn’t continue with the long ‘noooooooooooooooo’, with bonus pictures of each horrifying stage. The more wrong it went, the more pictures I took, I think in the hope that perhaps my eyes were mistaken – but no, it looked just as wrong in photo form.

Anyway, after dismissing a thought about sewing material round each individual bra-pad thing, and joining them together at some later stage, I eventually just sewed them together, in what I thought resembled an eye mask:


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tie purse

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Whenever I’m in a charity shop, I always have a rummage through the selection of old ties. Having acquired a few of the things, I figured I should probably start turning them into stuff.


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t-shirt rug

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I found a great idea for using up old t-shirts in a book called ‘Making Stuff: An Alternative Craft book’ – knit them into a bathroom rug. Yeah, I was a bit confused about how I could knit a t-shirt, but once you start doing it, it’s really simple.

Essentially you get a lot of old t-shirts and cut them into long strips, ie, by cutting round and round the t-shirt. You also need giant knitting needles. The book said 15 mm plastic ones, which is what I used. You cast on 30 stitches and away you go.

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wallpapered chest of drawers

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I have a fear of proper DIY. I can faff around with needles and fabric and small fiddly bits, but when it comes to larger pieces, I’m not too sure of myself. So today is about a craft project undertaken by my husband, Mr Cosycrafter. Obviously, I made all the superficial design decisions, but when it came to the hand-cramping sanding and dull repainting, it was all him.

A few years ago, I got an amazing book called House Proud by Danielle Proud. She’s a master in finding old furniture and revamping it in quirky ways. One of her suggestions was to use wallpaper to decorate a chest of drawers, which immediately interested me due to a very tatty, ugly one lurking in my bedroom. It was a hideous pink and white colour, but since it had been in my room since I was a very young girl, I couldn’t  bear to get rid of it. If there was a way of hanging on to my treasured chest of drawers without nearly gagging everytime I looked at it, then I was all for it. Read the rest of this entry

ribbon cushion

More cushion action, once again using my seemingly never-ending supply of remnants from C & H Fabrics.

The fabric is absolutely beautiful, really light and perfect for the reason I was making it – as part of a wedding gift!

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wedding heart card

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Inspired by the two G/Jems, I decided to investigate the exciting world of fabrics and book pages on cards. I have received some amazing cards from both Gemma at GeeWHIZZoriginals and Jemma at Miss Jemma Elf utilising these very things, and eager to beaver away with all things craft, gave it a go myself.

Two pieces of fabric, a book page, a button, some pinking shear action and voila! It’s all cut rather roughly, as I prefer a more haphazard and laidback approach.

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junk food earrings

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For those of us not inclined to visit the purveyors of cheap meat and chips, here are some unhealthy earrings to ensure that we too can get a dirty little fix of junk food.

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