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eye mask craft disaster

I’m taking a break from endless studying to bring you this slice of craft failure, in the form of my valiant attempt to make an eye mask. Seemed like one of those things that should be so simple…

In one of the many assorted boxes in my craft-spare-junk room, I found some of those removable pad things that go inside bras to make them padded or push-up or whatever. In any case, they were a sort of eye shape, so I thought ‘ooo, wonder if they would make a good eye mask?’. The answer, I now know, is ‘no’. However, this wouldn’t be a blog post if I didn’t continue with the long ‘noooooooooooooooo’, with bonus pictures of each horrifying stage. The more wrong it went, the more pictures I took, I think in the hope that perhaps my eyes were mistaken – but no, it looked just as wrong in photo form.

Anyway, after dismissing a thought about sewing material round each individual bra-pad thing, and joining them together at some later stage, I eventually just sewed them together, in what I thought resembled an eye mask:


It might have occurred to me at this point that they perhaps looked a bit long, but as I was making one for an individual with a much larger head than I, I dismissed my thought and continued on.

Next, I needed a way of keeping the eye mask in place, so found some elastic and material (to disguise its ugly elasticness). I sewed a strip of skull-pirate type material, and then attempted to put the elastic through it. I sort of remembered something about a safety pin, and also got a knitting needle, but it wasn’t budging. I almost gave up at this stage, but thought to myself ‘just need a wider strip of material’. After sewing another strip and turning it back through the right way (which was difficult enough), I then attempted to wedge the elastic through it with a safety pin attached to one end, and a knitting needle caught in the end pushing it down. Luckily, a crappy film on telly was providing a pleasant distraction. I eventually ended up with this:


At this stage, I considered more material over the bra-pad-eye-mask construction may provide a more pleasing aesthetic (cover up ugly bra-pad), so put together a couple of squares of a purple fabric and pushed the bra-pad thing into it, stitching on the skull-pirate elastic thingy too:


Something still wasn’t right (again, another strong clue), so I found some more squares of material to sew over the front (black, with musical notes). Notice I didn’t even match up the material?:


I pinned it into place and thought ‘ah, that looks more like an eye mask’ although in reality it looked like the result of an ill-advised mating between an eye mask, a pair of goggles, and those sunglasses they wore in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (the place with the awesome music, see excellent clip below).

I assumed that perhaps once I’d sewn round the edges with some fabric, which I was certain I’d heard referred to as binding, it would be fine. I also naively thought it should be fairly simple, so cut some of skull-pirate material to try and do it all in one go. Hmmm, discovered it was hard to bind round corners, and get the sewing machine to go through the (at this stage) multiple levels of material. I gave it several attempts, tried a hand stitch rescue for the parts where it was still coming away, and found it looked like this:


See? A pointy end, a rounded end and a very obvious join. Perhaps another picture will make it look better?


Ah, no. Still a pointy end, a rounded end and a very obvious join.

At this point, all I could do was laugh, take a picture of me wearing it – see the blurry evidence below, and discard the other bra-pad thing.


I’m going to use my constant revising (ha!) as an excuse for this fail, but I’m sure my ‘ah, it’ll work out’ attitude to trying things without bothering to even glance at a few tutorials have also played a part.

Love, Cosycrafter x

© Cosycrafter 2013


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