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I had a day where I thought ‘I really need to make fabric flowers’, you know, like you do. Anyways, I found my box of fabric scraps and started messing around with gathering bits of materials and sewing them together.

‘Hmm’, I thought ‘How can I make it look more like an actual flower?’

I decided I should probably look for some tutorials rather than thinking I could just fudge my way to amazing fabric flowers.

It seems the craft blogging world love their fabric flowers. The first tutorial I found was Emily’s Little World, which demonstrated making flowers out of t-shirt fabric. This was great as I had a load of scraps left from my t-shirt rug. I thought it was quite a simple flower to make and suddenly realised that perhaps they were all pretty straightforward. Yay! I don’t have any glue guns or suitable glue so I used a good old needle and thread for mine.

Next, I found a tutorial at Sew, Mama, Sew! for these really lovely light looking flowers. I also realised at the same time that I need to buy some more material that would be suitable, as I only have the one colour.

The next one I tried, which involved lots of stabbing myself in the finger with the needle and was a bit more fiddly than the others, was a guest post at 100 Layer Cake by Michonne.

For fun, I thought I’d also give the tutorial a go using book pages rather than fabric after my book page flower card.

I’d exhausted my enthusiasm for fabric flowers and needed to give my fingers some time to heal, so left them a few days.

I started again yesterday while watching a trio of pretty poor films – St Trinians 2 anyone? I found a simple one to get me started using a scrap of fabric at Maize Hutton. The tutorial demonstrates how to turn it into a brooch or pin, but I just sewed a bead into the middle of mine to cover the stitches.

Next was one at Made By Lex. I found it tricky to get the shape right on this one – perhaps I need a more flimsy material, or need to put more stitches in at the back, but anyway, here it is.

Finally, I found a tutorial for fabric roses at Simple Analogy. Again, I’m not entirely sure if I was happy with the result – some of the stitches were a bit too visible and I think I sewed it too tight.

I’m on the hunt for some more fabric flower tutorials. As well as some more fabric. Here is the collection of finished flowers.

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  1. These are SO pretty! I’ve been trying lots of different flower techniques, too, so I’m definitely bookmarking this page. Thank you! 🙂

    • Thank you! I was surprised at how simple some of the techniques are once you start getting into them. I need to incorporate them onto some cushions in future…


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