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wallpapered chest of drawers

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I have a fear of proper DIY. I can faff around with needles and fabric and small fiddly bits, but when it comes to larger pieces, I’m not too sure of myself. So today is about a craft project undertaken by my husband, Mr Cosycrafter. Obviously, I made all the superficial design decisions, but when it came to the hand-cramping sanding and dull repainting, it was all him.

A few years ago, I got an amazing book called House Proud by Danielle Proud. She’s a master in finding old furniture and revamping it in quirky ways. One of her suggestions was to use wallpaper to decorate a chest of drawers, which immediately interested me due to a very tatty, ugly one lurking in my bedroom. It was a hideous pink and white colour, but since it had been in my room since I was a very young girl, I couldn’t  bear to get rid of it. If there was a way of hanging on to my treasured chest of drawers without nearly gagging everytime I looked at it, then I was all for it.

So me and Mr C thought we’d give it a go. Although Danielle advises looking at fancy paper (for better designs), I’m a girl that likes a bargain, so we trotted down to the local DIY shop to find ourselves a sample. I chose a greeny-blue paper with gold swirls, some green paint, and some new handles.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it in all its terrible glory, so here is one partially sanded down. It was some work getting rid of the paint and fortunately Mr C didn’t complain (much).

See! Disgusting lurid pink and horrible thick white paint sticking to every bit of it.

Finally, here it is with wallpaper and paint all finished and lovely, great for storing my jewellery and retro hairdryer.


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